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First Miles in the Feelmax Niesa Shoes

Posted by scott on April 20, 2009

I am just getting started testing some prototype Feelmax Niesa shoes that I received from Feelmax.  The short version is that these shoes are fantastic!

Feelmax Shoes

Feelmax Shoes Folded

They wear like shoes, but have an incredibly minimal sole.  You get just a bit of sole protection, but plenty of barefoot feel.  I have only done a few runs in them so far – a couple on road and one on trail.  I was particularly pleased with the trail performance – could definitely feel changes in terrain.  I was totally comfortable for my 8-mile trail run in them yesterday.  They are incredibly lightweight and soft, so with socks I don’t see any chance of blistering.  More to come on these great shoes!


10 Responses to “First Miles in the Feelmax Niesa Shoes”

  1. Londell said

    Look cool… I have high arches and if I barefoot run or event walk without my orthotics, I am in pain so I would think they would not be an option for me? But those 5 fingers lovers may try them?

  2. Hey Scott,

    They look really cool. Could you post (or just email me) a direct comparison between these and the FF? One thing I’m particularly interested in is running in these without socks. I love being able to run in the FF’s without socks, but I can’t do it with regular running shoes without rubbing issues. Thinking these would fall closer to the regular shoes in that respect. Thoughts?


  3. scott said

    Londell – sounds like not, there is definitely no arch suppport in these shoes. I do think there might be some VFF converts for these; or at least use both like I plan to do.

    Adam – I will be writing more about these shoes soon, as I get in some more training with them. I think you could run in the Feelmax without socks, I will give that a try. I have worn them barefoot around the house, but I seemed to sweat a lot in them. They don’t quite breathe like VFFs, so I think socks might help wick some of that for comfort. There are some small seams inside the shoes, but around the house they didn’t bug me. The other issue is that I think the pair I got is a bit large for me to wear barefoot; the sock helps fill the shoe a bit. I’ll still try barefoot in these and post, but I think a size down would be better barefoot. We’ll see. I still think these with a thin sock feel more “barefoot” than VFFs with no sock.

  4. Rich said

    I have been looking into these but the reviews that I have seen say the bottom of the shoes are not waterproof. Have you noticed that too? If they have fixed that issue I will order some in a minute!


  5. scott said

    Rich, I don’t believe the bottoms are waterproof. Neither are the uppers, and they are pretty close to the ground on a shoe like this! I have run in light rains and threw dew-y grass so my feet have gotten a bit wet but it was not a problem at all, still very comfortable. I haven’t run in a pounding rain or anything, so not sure how they would perform.

    I scuff my heels a bit when I run and wore a couple tiny holes near the heel – that might actually drain better than a high-cushion shoe would. I still think these are great shoes.

  6. Huzefa said

    Any comments on how they perform on wet, slippery surfaces?

  7. scott said

    I would say they are fine on a wet sidewalk during or after rain. The sole doesn’t exactly “grip” like rubber-style soles do so when you say “slippery” I don’t think they are great for that. But I have yet to find running terrain that I can’t use them on – they have been very versatile for me.

  8. Miguel said

    If they aren’t out till Fall 2009 in Finland, may I ask where you bought a pair? I live in Japan and would love to try these out.

  9. scott said

    Miguel – these shoes are already available in Europe and online. I’m not sure about Japan, and I don’t know online sources immediately, but if you Google them you should find a spot. You can also search the ‘huaraches’ Google Group to find online sources.

  10. Weizhen said

    Do they have this kind of shoes for children? My son is 7, wearing youth size 3. Where can I get a pair of feelmax for his daily activites ? Or any suggestion for something similar ? Thanks !

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