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Saying No to the Devil – Have Fun at Sawtooth

Posted by scott on August 17, 2010

I had fun this Summer with the little devil on my shoulder, who kept telling me that running the Superior Sawtooth 100 mile would be a Great Idea.  I finally decided to tell him no.

L'il Devil

Photo credit: Darwin Bell on flickr (

I had to finally admit that my running has been below even my minimalist standards.  I have done a few decent long runs, and the devil and I even pulled off an epic 18 mile spontaneous barefoot run that was a hoot.  But this turned out to be a Summer full of other types of family fun (like longboarding with the boys), which is just fine.

I agonized for a week or so before finally deciding, and it was a hard choice to make, since Sawtooth is high on my list to complete.  I took a few weeks completely off running after the decision just to let it bake in and stop wondering if it was the right choice.  It definitely is.  I’m glad to have the Zumbro 100 Mile Endurance Run under my belt for the year, that was a great experience and a nice milestone to hit 100.

Fall and Winter are tough times to race for me, as the hockey season gets underway.  It’s fun to think about the  Wild Duluth 100k, or maybe even the Tuscobia 75 mile, but hard to commit at this point.  Maybe I will start puttering with a pulk, and see how it goes.

So have fun at Superior this year, those races are a fantastic time.  Volunteering is a blast if you aren’t in shape for running, its not going to work for me this year.  Best of luck to you if you are running.  Good luck Adam, Susan, John G., John T., Jason, and anyone else who I can’t think of at the moment.  Hope you run safe and have a great time!


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