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Race Plans

Future races I’m planning to run, or thinking about:


Zumbro Falls 100 Mile Endurance Run.  This would largely be a training and learning run for Superior with DNF as an acceptable option to be able to keep training.

Superior Sawtooth 100.  This is the race I dream about doing and is my primary goal.


Chuckanut Mountain 50k.  Very unlikely due to logistics, but I discovered this is almost literally across the street from my Aunt and Uncle!

Western States Endurance Run.  It would be a blast to run the race that kicked off 100 milers.  The lottery doesn’t make it so easy.

Tuscobia 75 Mile Winter Ultra.  Seems like a very doable but exciting first winter ultra.  I met RD Tim Roe my first time volunteering at the Superior races, and it’s been fun to watch his successes running in ultras, and now being an RD.


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