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Channeling Chuck Norris for the Superior Trail 100 Mile

Posted by scott on August 31, 2011

My sister just gave me this shirt for my birthday. I just might cut the sleeves off and wear this at the Superior Trail 100 Mile! Awesome.

I think this calls for a post of Chuck Norris Facts about the Superior Trail Races.  I’ll start – who else is in?


6 Responses to “Channeling Chuck Norris for the Superior Trail 100 Mile”

  1. SteveQ said

    If you’ve never done it, go to Google, enter “Find Chuck Norris” and hit the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button.

  2. Ross said

    I heard that Chuck Norris holds an unofficial CR for the Superior Trail 100, but he was DQed for jumping directly between the Moose Mountain and Mystery Mountain peaks.

  3. scott said

    Steve – that’s awesome. I don’t remember if I have seen that before, if so, I enjoyed it all over again. Its sort of like the “weapons of mass destruction” Google search during the Bush years.

    Ross – it’s on!!!

    Chuck Norris starts the Superior Trail 100 by pulling the course flat, running to Lusten sub-3, then shaking it back into shape.

    When Chuck Norris is on the Superior Hiking Trail, it must be referred to as the Inferior Hiking Trail.

  4. Ross said

    Ha! I concede. I don’t think anyone can beat #2. Good stuff.

  5. Craig said

    Chuck Norris doesn’t run the Superior Trail 100, he round-house kicks the starting line into being the finish line.

    It has been said that one tear from Chuck Norris will give you unbounded energy and cure any pain that occurs whilst running the Superior Trail 100. Too bad Chuck Norris never cries.

  6. scott said

    Craig – I was looking for a way to get the round house in there. You nailed it!

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