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Feelmax Niesa

Feelmax ShoesModel
Feelmax Niesa

50 (May 2009)

Comments – Jan 2010
These are definitely retired from running, but used very frequently for daily wear.  The sole is totally inadequate for running, and wears out very easily.  The Osma is definitely the Feelmax shoe for running.  But I love these for just kicking around, and wear them alot in Spring and Fall.  A friend wears them to work and loves them.  So think about them as a lifestyle shoe, but not a running shoe.

Comments – May 2009
I got a prototype pair of these Niesa shoes in April 2009 from Feelmax for testing.  These are new style of shoe coming out from Feelmax, and I don’t know a lot of details.  I think they are meant to be general purpose shoes like the other Feelmax models, but a better option than other styles for things like running.

I have only done a few test runs so far – more coming soon.  But these shoes are fantastic.  They have an incredible barefoot feel – hardly any sole.  Vibram FiveFingers feel like armor on my feet after kicking around in the Feelmax.  The fit is very easy on the Feelmax, as they wear just like a shoe.  There are 3 elastic non-adjustable laces and a single hook-and-loop closure for fitting them.I wear them with toe socks (Injinjis for now, which Feelmax is not happy about – I will be getting some Feelmax socks I promise!), and that has been very comfortable.

Feelmax Shoes - Strap

I am pleased to say that they did great on my initial trail run, but trails are something I want to try more with these to see how they perform on different terrain.

The shoe is insanely flexible:

Feelmax Shoes Folded

Feelmax Shoes Folded

This shoe will be an outstanding first choice for people wanting to go with a barefoot or minimal running style.

Disclosure: Feelmax provided me a comp pair of Feelmax shoes for testing.


17 Responses to “Feelmax Niesa”

  1. […] by scott on April 20, 2009 I am just getting started testing some prototype Feelmax Niesa shoes that I received from Feelmax.  The short version is that these shoes are […]

  2. Coy said

    Can you tell me when the shoes will be on the market for purchase? Also, do they run true to size?
    Thanks, Coy

  3. scott said

    Coy – my understanding is that they should be available in the US by September. You should keep an eye out at for updates on that, and also check out the ‘huaraches’ group on Google, I’m sure there will be an announcement there.

    I think the sizing is pretty close to usual but they might run slightly large. I’m wearing a Euro 44 and I wear a 10.5/11 US shoe. The Niesas are maybe just a tad big, I probably could use a 43 in Niesa to run barefoot comfortably.

  4. Coy said

    Look forward to trying them. Please keep us posted on your future runs. I would especially like to know how they do on longer asphalt runs. I have been getting tired of having the foot problems with my conventional running shoes. Lately after reading “Born to Run” I have been running barefoot on the tread mill. My foot problems have seemed to become much better. However, I don’t feel comfortable running totally barefoot on asphalt though. I hope these shoes are the answer I’m looking for. Enjoying your website.
    Thanks, Coy

  5. […] and will be wearing those some of the time.  I will likely still race in these at Superior.  But Feelmax, huaraches, and Vibram FiveFingers are the staple diet for […]

  6. Marko said

    I have family in Germany and would like them to get me pair of Niesa’s. Could you tell me how size compares to the Five Fingers? The FF chart says I should be a 42 or 43 (I’m right in between both) but I wear a 44 and pull the sniching strap tight.

  7. scott said

    Marko –

    According to the VFF sizing chart I should be wearing a 41. I bought 43s because they felt better, but now that they have broken in I’m wondering if I would be better in 42s. I have size 44 Niesa and they are just a bit too big – 43 would probably be better. So if you go with all of that, I should be 2 sizes up in Niesa from where the VFF chart puts me. Hope that helps!


  8. Rob said

    Just ordered them from Extreme outfitters

  9. scott c said

    Scott, you said,

    “According to the VFF sizing chart I should be wearing a 41. I bought 43s because they felt better, but now that they have broken in I’m wondering if I would be better in 42s. I have size 44 Niesa and they are just a bit too big – 43 would probably be better. So if you go with all of that, I should be 2 sizes up in Niesa from where the VFF chart puts me. Hope that helps!”

    Two sizes up from the classic/sprint or from the KSO/flow?


    Scott C

  10. scott said

    Sorry should have clarified – I was going off of the KSO sizing chart.

  11. Boris said

    Are there any sellers around the San Francisco Bay Area (I’m near San Jose but anywhere in Bay will do)? It’d be so nice to try a few sizes on in one go rather than trying a pair once a week and/or having to deal with shipping, refunds, and store credits.

  12. Ed Urbanski said

    I also just ordered a pair of size 45 from Extreme Outfitters. They e-mailed me back saying that they were back-ordered, and it should be 1-2 weeks before they get them in stock. I wear a size 43 in the VFF, KSOs. Hopefully the size 45 in the FeelMax Niesa will be correct. I normally wear a size 11 1/2 running shoe.

  13. PieterRent said

    Tue from the now disappeared website wrote a good piece on these kevlar-type soles. His opinion: the kevlar is fine, but it should be bonded to something. His solution: tear the insole loose, put glue or ‘shoe goo’ on it, and glue it back in. Even better would be to put a thin layer of shoe goo on the outside of the sole as well. This way you have bonded the kevlar and created a much stronger sole.


  14. JoeV said

    I just received a pair of Niesas today from Extreme Outfitters (after a 1 month backorder). I ordered the Size 43 (US 9) because that is the size I wear for Nike, Adidas, etc. But my feet are swimming in these. I can easily fit three fingers behind my heel. Did you notice that you had to wear a 1/2 size or full size down? I need to send these back, but hope to get the right size for the replacement. Thanks!

  15. amber said

    I work at Extreme Outfitters. We sell lots of these shoes.. every day. If you are wondering about how the sizing is, all you have to do is measure your foot from toe to heel and that will be what size you wear in cm. We are very sorry for all the backordered statuses, these sell like hotcakes!! So spread thw word.. extreme is the place to go! we have all the shoes that are on our website in stock at this time.. but hurry because they go so fast, its like they wer enever at our store! To all those who enjoy the shoes, We are happy we could fill that enjoyment! And to those who have not tried them before, they are worth trying!!

  16. amber said

    oh, and if you ever buy anything from our website.. I am one of the three employees that ship the orders from the website.. heres a tiny little bit of info you might like… VIP10 is the promotion/coupon code to get you 10% off your order! Anything over $99 is free regular shipping and we ship to APO’s and FPO’s! HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

  17. scott said

    Amber –

    Thanks for your comments and thanks a lot for sharing the coupon code!


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