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Huarache Running Sandals – 6mm Neoprene

Homemade sandals bought from Barefoot Ted.  Used 6mm Neoprene for soles.

Around 40 miles (March 2009)

These are no doubt the fringe of running footwear.  People wearing Vibram FiveFingers even shoot you weird looks!!!  Whereas in the FiveFingers, people kind of shake their heads or roll their eyes, with huaraches they start to get offended and agitated.  If you start to get interested in minimal running footwear, you know you have fallen over the edge when you tie on a pair of huaraches.

But I love this goofy footwear.  They are very lightweight, and it’s just fun to do something so different.  This will not be primary footwear, but I will definitely be wearing these for shorter runs over the summer.  In warm winter and spring weather I have been wearing them with Injini socks, as pictured below.  But they are also great in very hot weather – there is nothing that keeps the feet covered yet cool like these!

Huaraches with Injinjis


2 Responses to “Huarache Running Sandals – 6mm Neoprene”

  1. […] repatriated my huaraches, putting on 16 total miles in them.  This was the first time I have run in them without […]

  2. Deusarino de Melo said

    Seeing these huaraches with “injinji” socks, I remembered the people from my land in brazilian north region, wich, beeing side river people or indigenous, are not habituated to use other footwear, socks only or socks and sandals. Surely the best way for confort. And health. It would very good and nice if all people wear this new modality of dress.

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