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Last of the Spring Slush Running?

Posted by scott on April 14, 2009

We had a great Spring weekend at the cabin last weekend – perfect, perfect weather.  I got out for 2 great trail runs, both turned out to be longer than planned.  So I’m recovering this week from a probably-too-aggressive increase in mileage (I am supposed to be nurturing an injury).  But it was too fun!

Saturday morning I went for what I thought was an 8 mile that turned out to be 10.5.  I went first thing in the morning and the dry parts of the trail were very firm and fast, but plenty of ice slowed me down.  Sunday I decided I would be “smart” and go later in the day when it would be warmer and not so icy.  My 5-6 mile plan turned out to be an 8 miler and it was wet, muddy, slushy, slick, snowy, icy – I think just about everything!  It was again slow and I was feeling gassed from Saturday (this was my first back to back of long runs).  Walked lots of uphills and called small inclines uphills so I could walk them.  But it was again a blast, and fun to be outside in the Spring!  Nessie loved every minute:

Nessie Puddle

Thunder Lake Trail Nessie

Thunder Lake Trail Snow


3 Responses to “Last of the Spring Slush Running?”

  1. I hope spring is finally here! Just coming back from stress fracture in left foot and I’m hoping run on some solid ground!

  2. scott said

    I think we can definitely call this Spring; but up North you need to stay off trails if you want solid ground. Probably only a couple more weeks though!

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