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Nike Zoom Waffle Racer XC

Nike Zoom Waffle Racer XC

Nike Zoom Waffle Racer XC

Nike Zoom Waffle Racer XC

25 miles (October 2008)

Comments – January 2010
These are retired for me.  I still have them in the closet and might take them out for a spin once in awhile, but they are really not a great minimal option in my opinion.  They are very narrow, and the sole is quite molded.  They are very lightweight, which is nice, but there is not a lot of unrestricted foot movement.  I am happier with other options for minimal running, such as huaraches, FiveFingers, and Feelmax.

Comments – October 2008
I bought these off a lark.  I went to the running store to pick up some trail shoes that they ended up not having, walked by these and thought I would give them a try.  They turned out to only be $29, so I really thought they were worth a try!  I am just getting started, so no conclusions.  I love how lightweight and fast they are.  Not too crazy about how they feel on pavement.  This is definitely more of a soft terrain shoe.


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