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Body Glove Cold Weather Distance Flats

Body Glove Shoes

Body Glove Cold Weather Distance Flats (Water Shoes)

50 (January 2010)

Comments – Jan 2010
These shoes are basically retired.  I keep them around for some light trail runs, but the bottom line is that the lack of breathability is a total drag.  It warmer Winter weather, your feet are sweaty and hot.  In very cold Winter weather, your feet are sweaty and cold!  I am just as happy wearing Feelmax or lightweight New Balance shoes.  Unlike many barefoot/minimalist runners, I do not recommend these for Winter running.

Comments – Jan 2009
These are actually just cheap water shoes that I picked up at the marina at our cabin.  The idea is that they are still extremely minimal and flexible for a barefoot-like experience.  But the neoprene provides just enough insulation for warmth, and keeps the foot dry which is a key to staying warm.  I have only worn these for couple mile runs as I return from injury, but they were great.  Weather was around 5-10 degrees F and I felt no cold after the first 1/4 mile.  These will probably be my “barefoot” kicks until March/April when I can start Vibram FiveFingers again.

Wearing Body Glove Shoes


2 Responses to “Body Glove Cold Weather Distance Flats”

  1. Jonathan said

    Just wondered how these held up during the winter as I am thinking of getting something like this for the upcoming winter. Thanks!

  2. scott said

    To be totally honest, I only did a handful of runs in these last Winter, and they were probably in the 5 mile range for each. I enjoyed them for that, but I need to do more experimenting this Winter. Many others are down on neoprene as it does not breathe well. Also, in very wet conditions I think it has a tendency to hold water. But if they are cheap enough I think it’s worth keeping a pair around. I still think having various options is the best approach. Give them a try and see what you think!

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