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Twin Cities Marathon Plan

Posted by scott on September 29, 2008

Since I have my eye on some ultramarathons for 2009, I’m going to run a 50k on race day. I’m running 4.8 miles to the start, and then running the marathon. Here is my route:

I’m also planning to only visit aid stations that match up with the aid station placement at the Spring Superior Trail Races 50k, so I get a feel for that distance between stations. If anyone I know is at these stations, I will probably take a 1-2 minute break and chat.

The aid stations names, approx location, and approx time I will be there are (you can Notes –> View Notes at mapmyrun to see these):

– mile 9 (Nicollet and Minnehaha Parkway), 9:15-9:25
– mile 17 (West River Road and around 35th), 10:25-10:45
– mile 24 (Summit and Oxford), 11:25-11:55
– finish, 11:50-12:30

Of course, anything can happen out there and I will chuck this plan in a heartbeat if I need to! But it’s fun to have some targets.  Most importantly, I genuinely do not have a pace goal for this race.  I have a distance goal, and that’s it.


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