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New Balance 790 Trail

New Balance 790 TrailModel
New Balance MR790

100 (April 2009)

I was originally interested in trying out the 840s, but I caught sight of these in the New Balance store, and couldn’t get them out of my head.  I eventually ordered the 840s, but returned them when I realized that was so much more shoe.  In short – I love these shoes, and this is my primary trail shoe / running shoe.  At the moment, this is really the only “shoe” that I wear, when I’m not wearing my FiveFingers, huaraches, or running barefoot.

For a trail shoe these are very lightweight and flexible.  There is enough but very minimal cushioning and a thin insole – both of which I regard as features.  They have a small amount of toe protection but probably not as much as other shoes.  They have some lugs on the sole but again not as much as other trail shoes.  I like this style of sole, as it does not pickup huge clods of mud like my other trail shoes have.

NB Trail 790 Tread

The only complaint, I guess, is that the sizes run small.  I wear 10.5 in many other shoes and I have size 11 for the 790s.  Even that is probably too small for ultra distance – I will probably pick up 11.5s next time around (and before any significant races).


3 Responses to “New Balance 790 Trail”

  1. […] still like my New Balance 790s and will be wearing those some of the time.  I will likely still race in these at Superior.  But […]

  2. arademac said

    The problem that I have with the New Balance 790 Trail, is that they are not wide enough. They fit too much like a mainstream running shoe, narrow in the forefoot and pointed at the toe. The width is what puts them in a totally different category then the Vibram Five Fingers and Huaraches. Check out some other similar barefoot-like footwear at my blog

  3. scott said

    I agree, and I think that’s something generally true about other shoes that are heading towards minimalist runners. You need a lot more toe room than you did before after you start barefooting.

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