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What is it Like to Tackle 100 Miles?

Posted by scott on August 24, 2011

It’s hard to describe to people how exciting it feels to tackle a race like the Superior Sawtooth 100 Mile, or many other trail ultras.  I watch the following videos for inspiration, and they capture the feelings that I enjoy about doing tough trail ultra marathons.  Maybe these will help communicate the idea.  Enjoy:


2 Responses to “What is it Like to Tackle 100 Miles?”

  1. We need to figure out a way to do something like this for Sawtooth. I have brought a camera a couple of times and given it to people to film, but I mostly got footage of myself looking like an idiot (me being myself).

    Maybe we should get cracking on that!

  2. scott said

    I also look like an idiot on film, but its accurate so I go with it. I had a camera for my video race report at Surf the Murph last Fall – I’m bringing the same camera to Sawtooth and will be taking pics and videos. I’m with you it would be awesome to put together a bunch from others like this – I would do that if you can help me collect them.

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