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Why I Love Trail Running

Posted by scott on June 2, 2010

Photos from an early morning 13 miler last Monday say it all. What’s not to love about scenery like this? I will take this over pavement any day.








4 Responses to “Why I Love Trail Running”

  1. I am with you there… beautiful photos! The other fun thing about trail running is the interesting terrain, every step is different than the last.

  2. Jeremy said

    Great Scenery!! Where is this? I am in the Minneapolis area, that is why I’m wondering…

  3. scott said

    Damien – so true, hopping rock to rock is just a blast!

    Jeremy – these are ATV and snowmobile trails up in the Cass County area, not too close to the city. But they also point out how beautiful many of the “non-descript” areas of Minnesota are – you don’t necessarily have to find a designated trail or state park to find cool trails. Reservoir Woods in Roseville is one of my favorite places to run trails. Its small and nondescript, but a great hidden find.

  4. Deusarino de Melo said

    Wonderful scenery!!!
    Who would nor like to be there?
    It seems one place near to paradise.
    The huaraches are pretty.
    The turtle, “sui generis”!!!
    Till the next!

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