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Zumbro Countdown

Posted by scott on March 29, 2010

The training is essentially done, and the countdown is on – less than two weeks until the Zumbro 100 Mile Endurance Run!

This will be another experiment race for me to see if less overall mileage supplement with quad-intenstive cross training can actually get me through a race like this.  I was amazingly undertrained for the Superior 50 mile last year and had a great run and a great experience.  My base goal is to finish Zumbro in whatever time it takes, and have a great experience again no matter what happens.

I have a great crew assembled, so that shouldn’t be too hard.  They are solid runners in their own right, but also just up for a good time.  Some don’t know each other, so here is how I introduced them to each other:

Brian – the fast one, can’t seem to do anything but obsess on a sub-3 hour marathon.  He is getting wise and hitting the trails with us in Zumbro, maybe it will stick?

Tim – can’t decide if he’s fast or likes trails, but I need to be polite since he was my first committed pacer/crew and seems to be up for anythign I throw at him.  Ran the Superior 50 mile last Fall.

Neil – dangerously close to a BQ marathon pace, arguably is the most potentially physically fit of this group, but chooses to slum it with us rather than getting serious.  set our group’s 20-minute-pushup record of 304 (for now).

Diego – slow like me, one of the only ones here who gets that running is supposed to be fun.  organizing an ultra team for the Ragnar Relay team this year (spots available).  Disappointed that he didn’t get into an indoor track marathon – 400 times around a track, go figure.

Hugh – a complete nut job who signs up for races before he is ready for them (Lake Placid Ironman, Leadville 100 mountain bike) yet finishes. has a cabin that is peeing distance from Oberg Mountain on the SHT, signed up for the 50k this Spring.  Trying to talk me into running the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.

I’m running very minimal miles this week, probably more walking than running, and will run very little next week.  I’m spending my “training” time on planning, and final gear purchases.  Those two things help a lot with pre-race anxiety.

If nothing else, this will be a fun weekend in the woods and a good learning experience for the Superior 100.  Good times!


6 Responses to “Zumbro Countdown”

  1. Kel said

    Good luck Scott!

  2. Steve said

    Best of luck at Zumbro! If you haven’t been there, there’s a surprising amount of hills for southern Minnesota and some loose rock and sand (and possibly mud this year). The most important thing is to go into the race confident of a finish; last year, whenever someone asked how i was doing, I answered “I’m going to finish!” And I did. Last place, but I finished.

  3. scott said

    Thanks Kel!

    Steve – I’ve been generally down in that area so was expecting hills, but was curious about the rocks and sand. Sounds like I might be using the gaiters I bought “just in case”. I appreciate your comment about focusing on the finish, I will be repeating that a lot to myself I’m sure. Maybe you and I will form a last place Zumbro finishers club after my race is done! My goal is definitely on finishing rather than making a time, since this is my first 100.

  4. Kel said

    Scott, the sand was actually pretty deep in places. I swept the course last year and posted about it here:

    There were some noteworthy hills that were fairly steep with loose baseball to grapefruit sized rocks (many of them hiding under leaf litter). I wouldn’t say that it was a major percentage of the course, but….

    This year’s course is a little different, and I’m not really familiar with what part is new and what will be the same from last year. If you can handle Superior, you can handle Zumbro.

  5. Helen said

    Hey Scott – good luck!! I will be down there on the Friday. A great group of people running and a few first time 100 milers. The 5 loop course will be mentally tough but it sounds like you’ll have a good crew there 🙂

  6. scott said

    Kel – thanks for those details, and the reminder on your report. I will study up before Friday!

    Helen – its sounding like the volunteers might out number the runners. I will definitely be looking to you vets for advice and motivation. See you there.

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