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Minimal Footwear for Winter Running in Silent Sports Magazine

Posted by scott on December 8, 2009

My article on minimal footwear for cold weather running was in the November issue of Silent Sports magazine – see “Less is More“.  This must have been a hot issue as I was unable to find it at both my local Barnes & Noble and REI.  Nice going, Joel!

Our weather is supposed to be hitting hard this week, finally several inches of snow and windchills of -5F.  Might be time to rollover to the Feelmax Osmas or NB790s.


2 Responses to “Minimal Footwear for Winter Running in Silent Sports Magazine”

  1. Ryan said

    I am 99.9% a barefoot runner. I have tried running Vibram Fivefingers and in my home-made Huararche sandals. Don’t care for either of them. Sometimes I have put on cheap flip-flops to get through rough spots, and these work well enough and are quick to put on/take off.

    However, last week I wanted to put something warm on my feet as our temps went down to the low teens. I had a pair of Injinji socks (with individual toes) on which I had coated the soles with a plastic sealer. They worked fantastically well.

    They kept my feet warm, gave just a hint of cushion from the road textures, were light and flexible, did not slip or rub anywhere at all, and I could truly forget I was even wearing them. While I still run barefoot every chance I get, I will keep these in my pockets (they roll up and store very easily) in case I feel the need for them some time.

    Vancouver, Washington
    (the OTHER Vancouver!, the OTHER Washington!)

  2. If anyone is interested in running a full or half marathon for the first time and could use some guidance, check out this youtube video.

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