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Say Hello to the New Feelmax Running Shoes

Posted by scott on July 9, 2009

I am finally able to talk about this fantastic new Feelmax running shoe that I have been testing – take a look:

Feelmax running shoes - solesFeelmax running shoes - flex 1

My eyes popped out of my head when I opened the package several weeks back.  This is exactly the sort of minimalist running shoe I have been on the hunt for, and I am thrilled with how it performed.  This is the most minimal running shoe I have encountered that still has traditional shoe styling without adding weight or sacrificing performance.  The upper is incredibly lightweight and breathable – more breathable than the Feelmax Niesa.  The shoe rides very well on the foot, and with lacing you can control the snugness.

But the fantastic improvement in this shoe is the sole.  It is a fantastic balance of foot protection, flexibility, and grip.  The sole is approximately as thick as the FiveFingers KSO sole, possibly a bit more.  But it does not sacrifice flexibility, and even feels “softer” on the ground than FiveFingers, in a curious way.  I still love my FiveFingers, but these Feelmax shoes are now a staple of my running footwear.  If nothing else, it’s nice to have something still very minimal to put on when you get tired of the odd looks you get in FiveFingers, huaraches, and barefoot!

I think this is a shoe that will be incredibly appealing to Chi runners and POSE runners.  If you practice one of those running styles, you need to get your hands on these.  Notice these footfall prints on a recent trail run:

Feelmax running shoe - print 3Feelmax running shoe - print 2

Take careful note of what you don’t see – any ground contact under the arch.  Even though there is sole material under the arch, there is no arch support.  The foot is allowed to land naturally without control or interference coming from the soling structure.

Launching to the Public
These shoes will be launched to the world next week at Outdoor Fair in Germany.  So drop by the Feelmax booth and give them a look if you will be there.  I’m hoping to get more details soon on US availability and/or online orderability and will certainly post that when I have it.

Thank you Feelmax for giving us this fabulous shoe!

Disclosure: I have been provided a few pairs of Feelmax shoes for testing and review purposes in exchange for my non-public feedback.


15 Responses to “Say Hello to the New Feelmax Running Shoes”

  1. Londell said

    Times sure changes. At least I had a better first impression than with the come to Jesus sandles and five finger. And things also must have changed as I call a blog a public review, but guess they must define public some other way. They probably do not care as you write favorable comments.

  2. scott said

    Londell – I should clarify that comment. They no doubt like me blogging about them, but I also provide them with a lot more testing feedback via email that I don’t share publicly.

  3. Huzefa said

    These look great. Have you got a chance to test them on wet surface? I am interested in how the grip compares to Niesa/VFF.


  4. mo said

    Any word on availability? I’ve checked the feelmax website and they don’t list the shoe as one of their models. I’d really like to get my hands on a pair.

  5. scott said

    Well they literally just launched last week at a trade show in Germany, so I don’t really know any more details. They just said to keep an eye on the web site. Maybe if enough of you email them through the site they will either get them to market sooner or at least publish some timelines!

  6. Kris said

    We just got them in the US. You can find the Feelmax Panka at They are the perfect shoe for minimalist running and are of excellent quality. Look for more of the Feelmax shoes to being sold at this website soon.

  7. Joe said

    The Panka and Niesa are available from extreme outfitters:

    This new model is called the Osma

  8. Ben said

    Looks like you can purchase the Feelmax Osma from this Swedish seller.—osma?category_id=90

    I am somewhat dismayed that the price appears to be a bit over $140 USD

  9. scott said

    All – the latest I have heard from Feelmax is that the Osma will be available in the US in November – keep your fingers crossed. I certainly hope the price is lower than $140. Feelmax is a very small company and I appreciate that, but that price is ridiculous.

    When it comes time to order I would suggest your order 1 Euro size up from your normal shoe size. They run a bit narrow and I personally like having a bit more room.

  10. mike said

    from some Europeans i have talked ot online in Finland and sweaden they have a huge tax on shoes so they should be a great deal cheaper in the united states. Extreme outfitters has the osma for pre-order in the united states now:

    I have tried many times to see when they should be ready to ship them out, but they keep saying sometime in December and will not give an exact date.

  11. Mo said

    I normally where Euro size 45. The sizing chart at Extreme Outfitters would have me order size 43. Can anyone provide some guidance on sizing?

  12. Chris said

    Here are my thoughts on/experiences with sizing. I generally wear a US-10.5 tennis shoe. My cycling shoes are 44. I tried on a pair of the Feelmax Kuusa size 44 and they were a bit big for me. As for the suggested sizing, both the Five Fingers and Feelmax sizing charts have me at 42, but the size 42 VFF’s are too small. the 43 VFF’s are just right. so between the 44 Feelmax being too big, and the 42 VFF being too small, i’m getting the OSMA’s in size 43. in general, one size up from the suggested size seems to work for me.

    I’m so stoked these are coming out. I wasn’t expecting them until the spring. Hopefully, there will be a pair under my Christmas tree… i can’t wait.

  13. […] Osma model shown, 4.2 oz, US $80 Feelmax, a Finnish company, makes a full range of Minimal shoes, including boots. They recently launched their their first running shoe, the Osma. Weighing only 4.2 ounces, the Osma is one of the lightest shoes on the market. Many of the company’s other models would work well for colder temperatures as well as casual business settings. > Running and Rambling has a review of the Osma. > Barefoot Runner has a review of the Feelmax Planka. > Run Like Monkey has a good review of the Osma. […]

  14. mike said

    ok so i have been in contact with the extreme outfitters people and the shoes were supposed to be in by December 15th but that didn’t happen and now they are saying the shoes won’t be in till mid January……

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