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Huarache Week

Posted by scott on May 28, 2009

Starting last Sunday I have done all of my runs this week in my new Vibram Cherry huarache sandals:

Huarache Sandals - 4mm Vibram Cherry

I have put about 20 miles in, over a variety of terrain.  I did 8 miles of gravel road and trail last weekend, and the rest on asphalt, concrete, and grass next to sidewalks.  I am loving these!  It’s just a blast when the weather is nice to feel the sun and wind on the tops of your feet.  I also don’t mind the extra bit of sole protection over pure barefoot.  The only downside to these is that fact anyone who looks at you thinks you are a freak – it’s a good thing I’m used to that.  Actually, most people don’t even make eye contact because they are staring at your feet.  These are definitely keepers.

I also received another style of Feelmax shoes for testing.  They look fantastic and felt great around the house, I can’t wait to hit the trails with them.   More details soon (hopefully).


5 Responses to “Huarache Week”

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  2. Huzefa said

    just one question: do these new feelmax have better grip then Niesa?

  3. Saul Nova said

    Does that lacing system allow you to put them on quicker than how the traditional system does? If so, could you provide an explanation of how it works?

  4. scott said

    Saul –

    Yes, you can leave these tied and just slip them on and off, so much quicker. See links at for how to tie these or check out for a kit or custom made sandals.


  5. Saul Nova said

    Fantastic, Scott, thanks! Now I can go barefoot most of the time and then quickly put these on whenever shoes are more appropriate.

    Thanks to BF-Ted for introducing us to the original idea as well.

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