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Inaugural Zumbro Bottoms 100s This Weekend – Good Luck

Posted by scott on April 10, 2009

Good luck to everyone heading down to the inaugural Zumbro Bottoms 100s races this weekend!  I haven’t kept close track of locals who are running, but I can’t wait to read reports from Steve, Matt,  and Zach (do you have a blog?).  I think Helen and Kelly are volunteering/spectating, and as I know from experience that also gives you great perspective on a race.  Sorry to any I left out due to the quick post.

Someone posted pics from a recon run – was it just me, or did parts of that course look Barkley-ish?  I don’t think it’s beyond Larry to put up a challenging course, but I’m sure it will be a blast.

Best of luck to everyone!


One Response to “Inaugural Zumbro Bottoms 100s This Weekend – Good Luck”

  1. Thanks for the shout out. It was a great race.

    Funny you mention Barkley. As I was nearing the course on the drive down, I was looking around thinking “oh…. crap”. I thought they looked Barkley-esk as well. But… nothing is like Barkley from what I have heard. Most of this course is actually runnable (only a few spots you are in danger of losing an eye).

    It’s a fun one to at least hang out and see what happens. Or pace someone a lap or 2 for a long training run.

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