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Glute Strain – Week Who Knows

Posted by scott on January 23, 2009

I am in the doldrums.  I officially stopped any sort of training plan last November 1st, planning to take a couple weeks to let my sore glute heal up.  I have run a total of 6 times since then, no more than 2 miles each time, and I still sit here with my sore glute.  I’ve been to a great running doc, and done about 9 physical therapy sessions.  I have a whole battery of physical therapy exercises I can/should be doing according to my PT to strengthen muscles that were weakened by injury, or overstrained by injury compensation.  PT convinced me that I need to cross-train seriously, which I never did.  But I’m also convinced that PT exercises are exceedingly boring!  And I’m hearing from more and more athletes that they don’t think long term PT is an answer – they suggest chiro, osteopaths, acupuncture.

But I’m climbing the walls and want to run.  In my search for something interesting to do besides PT, I discovered Yoga, which is a Good Thing.  I also re-discovered lap swimming.  My upper body strength is better than it’s been in several years.  All of those are good, but none of them scratch the itch that running scratches.

My 2009 race plans are now just race dreams.  The Sawtooth 100 is definitely out the window for 2009.  The Superior Trail 50 is probably a fantasy, but I can’t quite let go yet.  I will be lucky to get a 50k in this Spring.

My only plans at this point are to get a few more pool sessions in to build up a bit of cardio, then starting running again but very short easy distances – maybe 2 miles, maybe a few times per week.


4 Responses to “Glute Strain – Week Who Knows”

  1. Londell said

    I know this is frustrating as I also battled issues. Dianne Farmer finished the 100 a few years back with only walking fast as training. I went through 3 months of rehab with only walking but I got my walking time down to 15-16 minutes a mile. So if you can walk, keep the base, you will be surprised how much it will give you a great head start?

    Good luck.

  2. There is no reason at this point to throw Superior out the window. If anything, you won’t be overtrained.

    As Londell said, your ability to walk is just as important as your ability to run.

    See what the spring brings.

    You had a decent base to run TCM, so the rest is not as bad as you think.

    I think it is completely still in the cards.

  3. Scott Mark said

    Londell/Matt – thanks for the encouragement, that honestly helps. Thats a really good point that I should stay positive about walking, and not overlook the advantages of a good walking base for ultras. I will keep that in mind as I make my comeback.

  4. […] am still trying to fight my way through this lame injury that keeps dragging on, and have been desperately yet gradually trying to ramp up my mileage. […]

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