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Winters Spikes Are Back!

Posted by scott on December 12, 2008

Both Matt and Brian showed off their DIY winter spikes in recent posts:

I love it – I might have to drive some screws into my Pegasus.  Like Matt, I would probably scratch the tar out of the wood floors I so carefully sanded and finished at some point.

I’m also imagining some double-layer huaraches with some kind of small, flathead spikes going down through the bottom layer for the winter-traction-barefoot-experience.  Might experiment a bit.


4 Responses to “Winters Spikes Are Back!”

  1. FootracerJ said

    I like this idea. I think this would work better for slippery roads than cross country or track spikes; which aren’t very stable on tar or cement.

  2. scott said

    I’m anxious to try my Zoom Waffle XCs with the spikes on some snowy trails, but I think you’re right. On paved trails or roads with exposed pavement I think those spikes will be too agressive. I also just love the homemade approach here!

  3. Bimibatoo said

    Matt put in a lot more screws than I did initially, though I also added more screws yesterday during the ice storm. By the way I’d say that these home made spikes work perfectly well for a basic icy, snowy road race. I’m not sure if they would do as well on icy dirt and mud trails, etc. I learned a few days after I had made the spikes that there was an article in Runner’s World about this same topic … and here I thought I was breaking new ground.

  4. […] by scott on February 4, 2009 While most normal runners are spiking their shoes for winter, I’ve been experimenting.  I actually haven’t been running much, just some short runs […]

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