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Gluteus Medius Strain – Week 6, Almost Running Again

Posted by scott on December 10, 2008

So after about a week and a half of my first physical therapy routine, I felt no real improvement in my glute strain.  In fact, I grew concerned that the PT was actually continuing to aggravate it, so I stopped.  Last week, instead of PT, I tried out yoga for the first time ever.  I loved it!  This was a “fitness” version that involved strength postures in addition to more gentle stretching postures.  I was naively amazed at how much strength it required.  I can definitely see the balance and core benefits, and this will be part of my new training regimen.

Back at PT last Monday I talked with the therapist about my break.  He basically said the soreness will go up and down as it heals, so that’s not a reason to quit.  I probably attacked the routine a bit aggressively, doing it twice a day.  He gave me some new activities and also added in a resistance band that I wear around my legs just above the knee.  The new routine is:

  • Bridging exercise with resistance – 20 to 30 reps (not clenching my glutes quite as hard as I initially was)
  • Clam spreads (my term)with resistance – 20-30 reps – lying on your side with knees bent to form 60 degree angle, hips aligned vertical, open and close knees while keeping heels together.
  • Quadruped ER/Abduction/Extension with resistance – 20-30 reps.  On all fours, you lift a leg out and to the side, slightly extending at the knee – kind of like a dog peeing.
  • Double Limb Support, Static with resistance – 20-30 reps.  Arms horizontally out in front, you lower to a squat keeping knees above feet so your glutes take the load, hold 5-10 seconds.
  • Prone extension – 20-30 reps.  Leaning slightly over table, lift a leg and bend at knee, lift bent leg to the rear maintaining knee bend.
  • Single leg foot lifts – 20-30 reps.  Stand on one foot, rise slowly onto toes, then slowly lower. (Serious calf burner)

After a couple days, this actually feels pretty good.  Maybe it was my break, maybe its just the additional time.  But I’m getting more encouraged that I’ll be back on the trails soon.  Next week I run on the treadmill for gait analysis.


4 Responses to “Gluteus Medius Strain – Week 6, Almost Running Again”

  1. Londell said

    Hey, hang in there and get set to punish more than that part of the body in September… On the positive side, you know what it is and running in December and January are a bummer anyway. Heal and be happy and see you when the weather is warm.

  2. scott said

    Thanks Londell! It’s hard to wait it out, but I really think it’s the right thing to do. I’m not nuts about winter running either, but hopefully I’ll be back out there in January.

  3. Rona said

    Hey Scott, How long did it take to heal? I’m on week 4 now and still feeling tender. In PT streching and strengthing but still experiencing minor discomfort. I was really in the groove, lost 30 pounds and was reshaping my body. I dont have time for this bathing suit season is about to start and I want to run the beach this summer.

  4. scott said

    Rona – Thanks for your comment, sorry I’m so delayed. I hate to say that here I am 5 months after this post still dealing with my issue. Hopefully yours will be different! Here is a brief synopsis of what I tried: no real running during Nov and Dec, Physical Therapy for Nov, Dec and 1/2 of Jan. Started running small amounts (1-2 miles at a time, once or twice a week) in Jan. Feb I just started up my program again and am doing about 30 miles per week. In March I visited an Osteopath twice, but didn’t feel like I got much out of it. I am now trying Active Release Therapy, which I like. Also since last December I am doing part of my training with very minimal shoes or barefoot to adjust my running style. This is controversial with many people, but I really enjoy it.

    I don’t and never really had pain, just discomfort. And I still feel that. It does not bother me during runs, but I do have more tenderness after long runs. But at this point I have decided to just try to keep running and try ART, since a long break didn’t resolve it.

    The other big thing I learned out of this is that I really need to cross-train, which I didn’t do before. I now do Fitness Yoga once a week, and I frequently do core- and balance-strengthening activities at home. I think this are helping.

    Hope you have better luck!

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