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Reasons to Run 100 Miles

Posted by scott on November 25, 2008

I have been re-reading many of the fabulous race reports from the Superior Sawtooth 100, as I contemplate running it next year.

Julie Berg’s post is the one that I keep going back to.  It’s full of fantastic course details for one thing, which I am soaking up.  But the best part is that it is full of positive energy.  She has a great explanation for why someone should think about running 100 miles:

You know what it is all about? It’s about stretching yourself. It’s about reaching out of your comfort zone, doing something that you are not sure you can do, trying as hard as you can, preparing as well as you can..and if you are able to reach that’s magic. By reaching that goal you build confidence within yourself. You feel good about yourself. You begin to complete more tasks that are out of your comfort build more confidence. It’s not all about running. It’s about life. Sometimes it is tough and you don’t succeed at your goal but that is good practice, you’ll succeed next time, or the next. You will learn and you will do it. Oh yes, you will. If I can, we all can.

Well said.  Too many race reports are full of the agony and the anger when things don’t go as planned.  Julie’s is full of upbeat energy and a continual focus on solutions after she identifies a problem.  That’s a success strategory for ultras that I need to adopt.


4 Responses to “Reasons to Run 100 Miles”

  1. Just so you know what you are getting into, you might want to read Julie’s report of her 2006 Superior attempt.

    I HIGHLY recommend doing at least 1 50 mile race before the big one. Or, instead of doing the night run at Kettle, consider the 100k. You can do night running any time, but it is tough to do a 50 mile plus training runs outside of a race.

    If the weather cooperates, the Kettle 100k is not too tough of a race. Well organized, lots of people, fun atmosphere.

  2. scott said

    Matt – that’s a good point about Kettle, I’ll seriously think about that approach instead. I read Julie’s 2006 reports – yikes, that sounds painful. I want to tackle that 100 at some point, but I do need to think about the smartest way to do that.

  3. Steve Quick said

    There’s a reason most 100 mile race reports are full of pain and things gone wrong – that’s usually the story. I’d love to have the fun Julie seems to have in a good race, but I need a good race first.

    Matt’s right. Do a 50 before 100, preferably a couple of them. And Superior’s not the best choice for a first 100. I’m leaning toward Lean Horse.

  4. scott said

    As I have been sitting on an injured glute for the last 2 months, my race dreams/plans for 2009 have changed a lot! I think Julie’s positive approach to problem solving is something I want to internalize so it’s there when things do go South. But I’m not trying to compare myself – she is clearly an accomplished athlete that has paid the dues to get to her current point.

    I think this will definitely be just a 50 year at this point. Lean Horse sounds great, or maybe now the Zumbro would be a decent and close 100?

    Thanks for the thoughts from both of you guys!

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