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First Miles in the Vibram FiveFingers KSOs

Posted by scott on October 17, 2008

So after a little bit of a false start and a size change, I am settling into running with my FiveFingers.  While I waited for my size exchange to be sent back I had started a barefoot training program, so I had a couple of weeks of getting used to running without an elevated, cushion under my feet, and got my soles a bit toughened up.  I’m sure that helped jump start in the Vibrams, which I think you definitely want to start with gradually if you are coming straight from shoes.

So far I have done a couple of 2-3 mile runs on the dirt road near our cabin in the KSOs.  But I LOVE them!  For some reason, it is just a blast to be cruising along with almost nothing under your feet, feeling like it is really just your feet and legs moving you along.  I went for a very easy 2 mile first (again, after much more gradual barefoot conditioning), and had no additional pains or soreness.  So today I stepped up a bit and went 3 miles at a more moderate (vs. slow) pace.  Again, no problems and the feel is fantastic.

I definitely have to pay more attention to footing than with shoes, but I’m OK with that for now.  The FiveFingers can handle small rocks (penny-size?) without any trouble.  But I have landed on some larger rocks that I definitely noticed.  But a forward-leaning running style and the immediate sensory feedback make it easier to shift weight quickly, and I haven’t had any ankle rolls or injuries.

Based on my first miles I am still really excited about giving these a try.  I’m just bummed that I’m starting right when the weather is about to turn.  I’m interested to see how long I can continue running in these as the temperature drops.  I am considering some additional cold weather options for a barefoot-like experience and will start testing those soon.


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